Kenjhons Serrano is a certified R&B/Hiphop artist not just on the dance floor but also in music circles. Dubbed by Viva Records as the Pinoy Usher that we have all been waiting for. Fresh, dynamic, intense and amplified are some of the few words that describe the vibes and beats of this dancer/singer.

Kenjhons is part of the renowned hip-hop dance group The Philippine All-Stars who won four international dance championship titles. However, his talents do not end with just sways and grooves.

Even before discovering his talent in dancing, Kenjhons’ first love is singing.

Take notice America, there’s a new definition of what it means to “represent.” With their gritty urban style and mind-blowing choreography the All-Stars showed up on our national stage and rocked-it all the way to another world title at the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas this summer. While Rapper Nas is proclaiming that “hip-hop is dead”, and that might be true in Queens, the Philippine All-Stars showed-up like Doctor Frankenstein re-animating the impossible all the way to another world title.

Yeah, they’re for real.

Their style is original and might as well be from another planet because this crew is stellar. With moves that would have Cirque du Soleil fiendin’ for fix like a side-show wannabes, All-Stars brought their show to America’s biggest hip-hop stage opening-up MTV’s hit reality show America Best Dance Crew … and left the house breathless. The Philippine All-Stars are officially serving notice to America’s best that there is another rung to the ladder of excellence and it’s a ‘thrilla from Manilla.’

The word “matinik” might make you think of thorns but it Kenjhons stresses that it basically means finding your true-self.


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